Welcome to Emily’s Ardor!!

My name is Emily Karl and I own Emily’s Ardor! I’m a 25 year old lady from a small town in Illinois that just kept moving herself more and more West! I brought my Midwest mentality to the West coast and so far it’s been fun living without all the snow.🙂  I can’t wait to be able to share with you all the things I’m getting ready to make, sell, and recipes I just have to share!

New Products for sale on Etsy!

Lip Balms,

Hand And Body Butters,

Sugar Scrubs,

Gift Baskets,

Bath Accessories,

DIY Coasters,

Body Oils

and Face Scrubs!

So excited that you can now purchase my products on MY ETSY page. New items and shop updates being added as often as I possibly can!! Ha ha! (My phone is running low on camera space! LOL!)

Take a looksie at my pages and let me know what you think! I’m so excited for whatever 2016 holds for myself and my business! This is going to be so much fun creating and showing the world what I’m really made of!

New Testers Out!

Getting ready to do some blog posts for everyone to see my process and how much fun it can be to start your  business!!🙂

New Testers always coming and new bathroom products for sale all on my Etsy page!! New Products being added and tested as I type….

Orange Dreams and other Lip Balm Flavors,

Citrus Body Wash and

NEW NEW NEW Shampoo and Conditioner!

All Coming Soon!