Welcome to Emily’s Ardor!

Welcome to EmilysArdor! This is the official EmilysArdor website and my Etsy Shop is the online version of the one day brick and mortar “County Store” I pray to have!

I’m excited to say that all of the products that are for sale in my store are handmade and created by myself. From the pieces of art work right down to the lavender scented lip balms and matching candle scents.

I work really hard to keep everything at the highest of quality, the fairest prices and I really put my heart into all that I create for everyone!

Living in Southern California I get to enjoy a wonderfully long growing season and I love to be able to share with everyone all that I can make with what I grow!

 I’m extremely grateful to be able to share all the products I’m going to make and sell,  the craziness in life, what it’s like to start your very own small business and some crazy amazing recipes that I just have to share!

 Products for sale on my Etsy Page!

Lip Balms, Hand And Body Butters Bars, Sugar Scrubs, Gift Baskets, Bath Accessories, Designed Coasters, Melted Wax Art, Garden Decor, Candles and Face Scrubs!


Go ahead and take a look at my product pages and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

I’m so excited for whatever these new years hold for myself and my growing business!

I’m gonna start showing the world what I’m really made of!

(And let me tell you… it’s mostly sugar 😉)


Getting ready to do some blog posts for everyone to see my process and how much fun it can be to start your  business!! 🙂

New Skin Care and Home & Bathroom products for sale all on my Etsy page!!

New testers being released as fast as I can make them!