The Cake of all CAKES

Nov 12, 2015

Oh my goodness ya’ll. This is seriously the cake of all cakes!! I got very carried away with my excitement with this cake and ended up making a huge mess and it came out a little cockeyed. But my mother in-law LOVED it and cannot wait for me to try it out on her again! Honestly I think it’s going to be a once a year cake but… who knows. I could get carried away again very soon! 🙂

Here’s how I did it in just pictures and possibly not in order because once again my computer is upset with me and I’m posting all of this from my phone. 🙂

   My kitchen is super tiny., I just wanted to show you what I’m working with here…LOL
  Ugh. Ignore Darla, the cat’s, food bowl. If I don’t have it on the table she tends to freak out. Luckily she was not in the mood to be up there while I was frosting…. Jeez. Looking a little off kilter….
A little more off…  
  Full on lopsided… Oh my gosh. I could not stop laughing for the life of me!! Well and to be fully honest crying. This is my first time with this cake and I always aim for perfect… This came out so imperfect though that now it is its own kind of perfect. 🙂
    My caramel was too thin… I knew it already but for some reason I dumped it on the cake out of pure impatience. I was not prepared for the caramel mess to follow!!!
  This is after I wiped a lot of it up. I freaked out and started cleaning before I could take a photo. The caramel was over flowing the cake dish and flowing out from all sides!! Onto the counter, down the cabinets, onto the floor, and all over my slippers. That’s when round two of nonstop laughing and crying broke out.   I know now if I had just waited a little bit longer for the caramel to be cooler it would of all worked out. Instead…
    In the long run this cake was amazing and delicious!! For sure going to be a repeat offender! 😉
 This is the wonderful woman’s website and link to the recipe for the cake and this is what the cake should of looked like! LOL I was…close? It is now my mission to make it perfect!!!

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