It’s that time of year…


Normally I’m not a big fan of the holidays. I’m not sure why but this year I’m all for them! I want the tree, the decorations, the lights, heck I wanna hang mistletoe in my door way!! I even bought holiday slippers and have been using my holiday thermos!! I’m so in love this year!! Can’t wait to show you what everyone gets this year for presents!! My gifts are some new testers for Emily’s Ardor…. Shhhh don’t tell anyone!!
My new tree from Walmart!!   Sadly the kitty Darla is already trying to eat my tree! I’m always nervous she is going to hit a cord and get the shock of her life!
 These are my glorious Victoria Secret Pink slippers I cannot seem to take off. I keep wearing them out of the house on “accident” Ha ha ha!

  My wonderful holiday thermos!! I got this several years ago as a gift and it has stuck with me ever since! I love the naughty and the nice sides! 
 Right now I have been drinking a lot of Yogi Detox Tea and coffee…. Lots of coffee…


One last picture of my Darla bear eating the tree! Happy Holidays everyone!! I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us!!

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