Lavender Growing!

I love my friends. They support me in everything I do. Even stealing trimming from their gardens so I can make my own super cheaply. I truly enjoy making things from the beginning and starting from seed but in the winter and with lack of sunlight on my property its hard to get anything to fully get going. It also doesn’t help that if the doggie notices something has new growth she eats it. Anyway, so I have been learning how to propagate things and lavender is my new adventure!

I started with the potato trick, trimming the leaves all the way up half way and jamming a trimming into a potato. Well not jamming but you get the picture! Then I dropped them in some soil I know actually does things and boom! A little extra water and soon I will have plants!

Well here’s to wishful thinking!

I took 4 trimmings from my friend. She told me I could take more but I only had 4 potatoes left so… yeah. Can you put multiple stalks in a potato do you know? (Please respond in comments!! :))
  The stalks where almost dead for the season but they still had some very pretty purple on them!More pics please… Well oh alright!


Lavender Growing!


23 thoughts on “Lavender Growing!

  1. You don’t have to put everything straight into soil you know?

    Quite a few plants can be put into water until roots start to grow and then you can put them into soil.
    Also… Small point. When taking cuttings, unless the plant already has roots (A sucker or a new corm or whatever) then you are best off cutting off any flowers. This way it won’t expend any energy on the flowers and it will spend it on making roots ready for next year.

    If you are putting cuttings straight into soil you may want to get some rooting hormone to dab with.
    And its also beneficial to use the powder when using potatoes too!

    But well done one taking cuttings! \o/

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