My Christmas Tree 


I love my tree. It’s fake and beautiful and covered now in burlap bows :)) it’s our first Christmas with this tree so we didn’t have and ornaments or anything. This year I got some finally!! And stockings… Oh goodness I think it’s adorable!! I know I posted one a couple days ago about how much I’m loving this Christmas season and the photo only had lights on the tree. (The tree came with the lights! I love that part too!!) so here are some new photos!! I’m so happy!!

  I call these my red burlap bombs… They just scream Christmas to me!
  And then the BOWS!!   Can’t forget Batman!!! 
Oh and these stockings!!! The boyfriend is the red flannel and I’m the green. Green is a little bigger…Shhh 🙂

 See you next time ya’ll! More blog posts, recipes, products now available, and all kinds of other nonsense….

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