Christmas Baskets! 

This year for Christmas I had to get creative. Starting your own business is expensive and doesn’t pay much at all when you can’t sell anything yet. Ha ha! So these are my Christmas baskets I made for everyone this year! I’m calling them Emily’s Ardor gift baskets. Filled with all things I made from scratch! I actually fit the lump sum of all 15 baskets into several weeks of grocery shopping budget! Ha ha ha I can be so crafty sometimes! 🙂

This is the basket 🙂

 Inside is…. Apple Pie Sugar Scrub Caramel Apple Pie Lip Balm!
Red Rose Pegal Suagr Scrub  

Orange Dream Salt Scrub 

Homemade Caramel! Recipe coming soon to the website!! It’s so easy to make that it’s almost wasteful not to make it… And eat it… All over pancakes, ice cream, in my coffee…. There’s sooo many options!!   My Caramel Truffles 🙂

Mmmmm chocolate covered pretzels 🙂 and last but not least my Coffee Face Mask

That’s it you guys!! My wonderful Holiday Baskets I made for everyone!!! NOW be sold on ETSY!! Holy Guacamole!! My Etsy Shop

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