Today at 7:38 am I was brought into this world! My mama says it was not a hard labor. Only about 2 hours! Makes sense… I’m always on time and I hate dragging things out. LOL! Today is going to be a wonderful day!

I’m giving myself a mini spa day with all of my product testers and going to a wonderful Morracan dinner with the Boyfriend!! We are going to…. Marrakesh!! It’s by far my favorite place to eat! Anywhere that I get to sit low to the ground and eat with my hands I am totally down for always!!

I’m so excited to be 25 now and officially an adult! (I didn’t think so before because I couldn’t rent a car LOL) I cannot wait to take this year by storm and show everyone what I’m really made of! So much opportunity for growth and love. Passion and skill. There are so many things I’m going to be doing and I’ll be keeping you in the loop for all of it!

I hope your all just as excited as I am for this year to come!! I gaurentee it’s going to be AMAZING!!



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