Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce

This is my 5 hour slow cooked spaghetti sauce. It’s amazing that’s for sure.

First I cut up 6 Roma Tomatoes and dropped them into a sauce pan and set them on low. Low and slow is the key here.

Then add all of the special herbs and spices!!! Fresh Rosemary, oregano, salt and onion powder. About a shake or a heavy pinch full of each. 🙂 I’m not a good measurer.

Add the small can of tomato paste. Like 8 oz.  Smash in some minced garlic. 3 cloves should do it just perfectly!

Okay so now that it’s all together use a potato masher and mush the crunks of tomatoes! Then set it on low and let it go for 5 hours with the occasional stirring 🙂 It’s heaven. It’s great. It’s boyfriend approved!!


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