The Boyfriend’s Work Space

/ My play place 🙂

This space is a disaster at the moment but I’m gonna work to clean it out and up and possibly do some decorating! Not sure yet if I’ll go all out because it’s an old old RV that barely functions correctly anymore!! LOL! Don’t even plan on moving it out of the yard to the new house! (When we get it!) But so far it’s been fun thinking and dreaming about what I can do with this area and how I can make it a special space for the boyfriend.

Even talking about sewing some new curtains on my own and getting some cushions for the seating. But it’s got holes in the roof and old carpet! The walls even kinda stay wet when it rains!! Ha ha ha!! But it’s a fun spot to sit and write and do some real damage to my business plans and blog posts!! But…. I love it. It’s a great space and spot to just hide out, while not hiding at all, and just get focused and get things done!
Ignore how much of a crazy space it looks! I took these photos after The Boyfriend had a buddy over for a coding session!! I had it all pretty and then two boys came in…. LOL! Time to clean again!!   Kitchen space! It even has an oven! We are nervous to turn on the propane though… LOL! I put a flower pot in there too to make it seems happier inside 🙂 Not that they have bloomed yet.   This is where the “Bedroom” would be but as you can see that bucket is there to catch water. Takes a whole new approach to a water bed!! 😛

These are the original pictures I took of it the day we bought it!! Just so I can show you how much I have cleaned already. LOL!!

New updates and photos to come as I can take them and we clean up in there!!




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