Being Sick 🤒


Sucks. Being sick sucks. Other then the TV watching, getting others to help you and wearing pajamas all the time being sick sucks. The fact that blow drying my hair makes me feel like mucus is going to fall out of my ears and taking a hot shower almost makes me black out. How about those stairs too? Oh going up and down the stairs in my house send me into a coughing fit which causes me to almost pee my pants. (Might be too much info but you know it’s happened to you!)

Oh! And the fact that nothing tastes right! Chocolate?! Not the same. It is almost heart breaking.

I got to have my cuddle buddy while I was camped out on the couch though. My beautiful angry little Darla Bear. She is my sweet little angry ball of fur. I say sweet and angry because I believe she is bipolar and just flips randomly. Well after watching “My Cat From Hell” I know now that it’s not just randomly and cats attack because you have done something they didn’t like. Well… She is pretty random though.

 Anyway. I have tons of things to do and I can’t seem to have motivation to do any  of them. (Because I’m sick.) Since I can’t work on products or on cooking while I’m sneezing and coughing constantly I have decided working on my website from my phone is the best option.

But life goes on! My sister is in town with me for a whole week next week and the boyfriends mama is taking me to a Tea House in San Juan Capistrano CA on Wesnesday!!! I have to get better and in a hurry!!! I’m so excited I can’t even handle it!! So here’s to getting better and a new day for us all! (I’m cheersing with my tea cup BTW.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!



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