Lap Of Love

Jasmine the Pit Bull died Christmas Eve 2015. I heard of Lap of Love through Jasmine’s original owners, our friends M and K. They did an amazing job of coming to the house to put her to her dream time which meant we got to have her laying in the sun and she ate 1/2 a pound of bacon I made for her. This is the package I got from Lap of Love with her ashes. I can’t wait for you to see how beautiful of a job they did. It’s been a month now and my heart still breaks. I will attach their link at the bottom of the post. I miss my baby sooo much everyday.

This is the box her ashes came in.

This a plant card that they gave us of wild flowers to grow in one of her spots. I haven’t picked where its going yet but I will for sure let you know!


Here’s the link to their website. Lap Of Love

Below are just some of my favorite pictures of my old lady baby Jasmine of when she was healthy and we got her to the day she passed. I am gonna miss my Jasmine soooo much. 

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