Tea Time with MamaBEV


I had such a wonderful time the other day having tea and finger sandwiches with my MamaBEV! I got to wear a pretty dress and dress up with a hat! It was wonderful! It was a great bonding day with The Boyfriends Mama!

Talking girl talk, chit chatting about love and life, shoes and shopping, me going on and on and Emily’s Ardor and how happy I am! I can’t even explain how loved and wonderful I still feel after!

It was a beautiful day in San Juan Capistrano, CA. About 70 degrees and almost hot for the middle of January! Ha ha! We went to a Tea House called “The Tea House On Los Rios”. It’s beautiful there! A special walk from the train station to where you think a fairy tale is starting in the middle of a little western town.

 Here’s the Yelp page for the business

The Tea House On Los Rios  So for the Teas we had where herbal Peach Fruit (Mine) and Chocolate Mint (MamaBEV’s). They where delicious!!!
  Here s picture of the super cute heart shaped scones we had with raspberry preserves and a tart cream! I brought it home with me it’s so good!!   That’s me!!
That’s me again! Eating salad. 🙂     I honestly cannot remember the kind of sandwiches they where but all where super delicious!!
  Lemon Curd with zest pudding in a pastry shell! It was so amazing I even ate all of the shell just to get the rest of the lemon off!!  It was such a wonderful day! And to my surprise MamaBEV got me a beautiful Abercrombie And Fitch dress that I can’t stop staring at in my closet!! I’ll take a picture a post it to one of my pages soon!

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