Mini Pink Roses

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies!! I’m so happy to share with you My mini pink rose bush I got from a dear friend for Valentines Day last year! It’s so pretty when it blooms and I can’t wait to post updated photos for everyone!! Today is its year anniversary and it is going strong!!

 I love using it as a center piece on my outside picnic table! 

One of my favorite Gal Pals calls me the “Plant Hospital”. When her plants are sick or sad they come and stay with with. her succulent wreaths over Christmas where pretty rough, but they are now beautiful again! I’ll have her post pics of them in the comments as soon as she can! 😉
 Thank you so much for taking a Looksee on my website on such a special day! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

XOXO Love Bugs!


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