Meet Loretta :)


My new baby Loretta is a Cocker Spaniel Terrier mix.  She is only 10 months old and such a sweet heart!! 

Loretta loves to show how fast she can run,

Prance like deer and show off ow pretty she is,

Play with the neighbor dogs,

Sing along to Loretta Lynn,

Jump super scary high (Like give new mommy a heart attack high),

Bark at leaves,

And bark at fake deer that are scattered all around Idyllwild CA that are painted by local artists. Suppppppper adorable.

  Loretta is a rescue we got on Febuary 12th 2016 from a woman who was having a complicated pregnancy and lived in a 2nd floor studio apartment.   I’m not gonna lie the photos do not do her justice!! She is not a photogenic dog, like my Jasmine was, so she will probably get more videos so you can see her pretty bows and prancing for yourself!
  Since she’s a cocker spaniel, I remember having them when I was young ,that they love being dressed up. They love getting bows in their hair and wearing cute sweaters and jackets. It’s adorable!! I already got her a matching collar and leash from the MarthaStewart Petsmart collection.

And guess who came with two dresses already…. 🙂   Video number one of Loretta with her ball! Watch those ears fly in the wind!!!

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