Rose Garden


Okay so I’m going to give you the low down on my Roses this year! I can’t wait to start posting pictures of them all coming in this Spring! So far I have had these flowers for about 2 years and 1 year for now. I’ll let you know which is which.

These are my multi colored Hybrid Tea Roses that are pink and yellow! When they come in the are beautiful!

This is my Dolly Parton Red Rose which I have only seen actually grow once! Only 1 flower!! this one I have had for a year and I think it went into shock along with my other 2 I put in at the same time. Slowly growing and filling out but I can’t wait for more to grow grow grow!!!

Oh my California Dreamin’! NEVER has this one grown a flower in the year I have had it. It always starts to grow and then stops. I’m not exactly sure why other then suspecting shock still. Hopefully Iget some pretty pink flowers this Spring!

And FINALLY my Ketchup and Mustard Rose that bloom yellow petals with a red trim around the edges…Sooooo pretty!! In the year of having this one I have only seen 3 flowers from it. Not sure why again…

So those are them! Let me know if you have any other ideas as to why I’m loosing flower production! leave me Comments, questions, cares, or concerns in the comment section below! Also share with your friends! With all the like buttons I have!



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