I Got A Review!! 

 I woke up from a wonderful sleep. Dreaming about puppies and smiles. The morning was starting off wonderful. Then I looked at my email….

This wonderful angel of a woman named Arielle Tan wrote the most wonderfully worded and so special to my heart review for me on my products!! Then she did something else that was amazing!! She put it on HER website!! 

These pictures below she took and oh my goodness do they look wonderful! I’ll probably print them and hang them on my wall I’m so happy! Ha ha ha! 

Go and visit her site and check out the review at  **With All My Affection** 



  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the post and the pictures! You are so cute for wanting to hang them on your wall haha ❤ It was such a pleasure working with you and trying out your products! I wish you the very best for your business 🙂

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