My Garden 

I’m so excited!! I made a raised garden bed. All by myself! I felt very amazing!! Well still do 😉 I have so much about to start growing!! I can’t wait to show you how it all goes!! 

Jalopenos, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions, Chamomile, Mulitcolored Basil, Oregeno, Cucumbers, Carrots, and my new Lilac and Lavender bushes!!

   I even made the little garden signs myself! This is the raised bed I made out of a busted up and broken pallet board I found in our back yard.

    Sooooo many rolly pollies! And then millipedes!! Ugh. I couldn’t stop the random shivers going down my back for a couple of minutes after I was done and made sure nothing had gotten in my hair. Oh my goodness. Ugh. Gave me a shiver just thinking about it!!! LOL!
  This is the pallet board I started out with! See how much is broken off? I had to build the sides and add a bottom to it to make it stable and usable again. There was a lot of tools involved like hammers and nails. Then screws and power tools when I got angry with hammer and nails and then there was the random, possibly inappropiate yelling coming from my front yard. I have honestly never built anything before all alone and by myself! It was amazing, exciting, scary, and relaxing….. It just doesn’t make sense.   Then I just laid burlap on the inside and out in some dirt!! Turned out wonderful!!
 This is the tresal I built for the cucumbers to grow up. I forgot that they needed to grow upwards since they are a vine! Ha ha ha oops!

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Love y’all!


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