Loretta Lynn My Spaniel 

Some of and most of my days are consumed by entertaining my little Cocker Spaniel. She is now 11 months and a super happy girl! She wakes me up every morning at around 5 and loves giving kisses and stepping on your face to get you up. No joke. I have had many paws in the eye sockets because of her and the cuts to prove it. 

All day long we play play play and when it’s time for bed she cuddles up right next to me under the blankets and falls asleep.

She is my sweet angel at the moment and is resting on me while hanging out in the kitchen. Seriously. I can’t get up off the chair and that’s what inspired this post!

Loretta loves the hair dryer and running so fast my camera can’t catch a photo! Believe me it’s not easy!!  She is constantly distracted by something… Leaves, flowers, birds, balls, even butterflies.

 This is her in the morning after I got up and took her outside. I got attacked with thank you kisses for like a good 25 minutes after we got back inside. She really must of had to go!! 

This is my little one finding the biggest stick she could and dragged it all around the yard. It was adorable!!   She is the BEST cuddle buddy in the world when she is able to sit still!

 Well enough about the puppy! Next month she will be a year old!! I’m so excited my baby is getting so big!!



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