Burlap Pot Wrap 

I got the idea of decorating my plastic pot from a Pin I found, but they used sticks. Seeing as I have tons of sticks but and uneven jar surface that was not able to happen. (Their’s was also glass and for candles but I figured hey! I can do something like that!) Instead I went to my go to fabrics of burlap and lace. 🙂     I have these two grow at home Amaryllis Flowers that I have been growing in what I think are ugly pots you get from the kit for a couple months now. Now that they are about dying fully and having a rough time I decided to decorate the pot. First, I grabbed my go to fabrics burlap and lace that I get from Hobby Lobby. (I love it there!! 😇🙏🙌 )
  Measure the amount of burlap you need to wrap the whole container and then start super glueing!! I did around the bottom and top in sections with hot glue. 
    Snip off the edges and I did a little glue bundle. Out of the two this was the best one.
  PRETTY!!  So now you know a fun way to decorate indoor plastic pots!

Now for the lace and glitter!!

  Fold the lace in half and wrap around the bottom of the pot leaving about an inch of space at the top for the glitter.
    Fill in all that extra space with GLITTER glue!!!
    Finished and dried!! Too bad my flower bulbs are already dying!!!! 
Your Welcome  🙂



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