Rainy Days 


Rainy days in the canyon are so much fun! Watching Loretta play in the grass and getting mud all over the house! Then Danny getting mud everywhere! I’m getting mud everywhere! I don’t know why right now it’s not even bothering me!! I’m just happy there’s rain!! Finally some real actual rain!! We have been promised rain here is SoCal for awhile now and gotten nothing that I have considered to be worthy… Ha ha!

If it where up to me I would be drinking coffee and eating butterfingers all day in my yoga pants that have never been to yoga before. The windows would be open and the tv on all kinds of Disney happy movies! There would be snuggles on the couch with tons of pillows!!

But the boyfriend has a meeting, my not so yoga yoga pants are in the wash, I’m out of butterfingers and 2 cups of coffee got me a little more wired then intended. (Hense the post!)

So instead I have been walking around the yard, cleaning up leaves, checking out my flowers all wet with rain water and never looking happier!

So happy you checked out my post!

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Love you!!


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