Needed a Getaway 


I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong I love my life and everything in it. But sometimes… A break is needed. So the boyfriend being the most amazing man he is got me a 2 night stay at the Ayres Suites Hotel and Spa just 15 minutes from home.

So this… This is my room. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s huge!! And all for me!!!   
 I got some groceries, brought my work binders, and all kinds of relaxing bath time treatment and right away put all of my things in their new homes. Organizing relaxes me almost always so it just makes sense it would be the first thing I do!!

Dinner for the night…

Sliced Veggies with Hummus and Ranch! Yes please!! It was sooo good and I haven’t had hummus in such a long time it was actually a treat!!

 and then… Deep fried ice cream 🙂 Oh wow! It was deep fried in what tasted like honey and granola and some nuts!! Holy cow was that good!!

 So far the first day has been wonderful. The staff here is amazing and are all so sweet and helpful!!

Day two… I woke up at my usual time of 6:30 am and I was truly excited to just roll over and flip on the tv. Then I remember continental breakfast and sprung to life and jonesing for coffee!!! 3 cups later with a waffle in my belly and a smile on my face I travel back to my room and back into bed.

Then at 1:15 I lazily walked to the massage and facial Danny got for me!!! It Was Glorious. Strange and almost scary but amazing. I have never had like a single massage before. The only place I have ever gone was a lot different. The facial though has never happened!! That was the scary part. She used lasers and masks upon masks and then a tool the basically racked any grossness out of it. I was in pain but happy. Ha ha ha!

Got to dinner and had some awesome food and then went back up and kept reading my romance novels… I finished two in the time I was there.

  I’m not gonna lie I saw this in my room and thought it was just genius!! Now I know where my key is always and it controls the lights and AC!! When you walk in you just slid it in and every Hong turns on. No more trying to find the lights in a dark room when you arrive!! Just brilliant.   This is my view from my room. No balcony but an awesome view of the court yard. A fun plus was when it was just passed 8 that’s when everyone was out there chatting next to the fire pits and laughing and having fun. It was really actually nice to hear everyone having such a good time and laying in bed reading.

So all in all the trip was wonderful, needed, and went exactly how I needed it to go. I got some new wonderful ideS and thoughts about running my business and life and I can’t wait to start sharing with you all the new steps I’m going to be taking!!

Love you!


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