What’s Inspiring Me…


There are quotes and sayings out there that melt my heart, make me feel safe and give me a sense of hope.  

These are not pictures like sometimes these are some powerful and meaningful quotes that keep me feeling sane 🙂

True Story…
  I always wanted to feel better. Something to change within me that would cause me to be actually happy with my life. FINALLY!!!! I found it! To tell you it’s one thing specific would be a lie. It’s been a struggle. It’s been a journey. And forever will it be something that keeps me going! Changing who you are or what you have always been is never easy. Knowing you need to change and that if you don’t it’s possible more strings of horrible will keep happening. I worked really hard to get where I am today.   Honestly… Coffee first… Then everything else! I live off of caffeine. I think a lot of us do in the world! I’ll share about my obsession maybe another time. 🙂
 True story… I tell this to my friends and myself basically at a constant. Life is not easy. If it was… Well then everyone would be happy, no wars would break out, no one would be homeless, (Unless that’s their choice.) and well… All of the other horrible things that happen to all of us just wouldn’t happen.

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Love y’all!


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