Pizza Pretzels 

In January my sister was in town for a week for my birthday and we had some fun snacks and dinners while she was here with me. On this night we made Pepperoni Pizza Pretzels… That is not easy to say 5 times fast by the way. 

So here’s how we made them!

First you lay out your Philsbury pizza dough and cut it into 3 parts. I did 4 on accident not paying attention. Stretch them out on all ends.
(If you could all do me a favor and just ignore the fact that I’m in my pajamas in all the photos please that would be wonderful!:) Thank you!) Fill them with cheese 🙂 I did Monteray Jack on accident and they turned out great. Would really want to try the Mozterella like the recipe says to though. Ha ha ha!   Fold them over and pinch at the ends to close them up. Mine where not perfect because I  was too busy giggling with my sister to fully pay attention. Oops.
My first attempt at a Pretzel!!!   
  We couldn’t stop laughing at this one. Oh my goodness…
    They look so silly and not very much like pretzels but they are curly looking and tasted amazing… Just another typical Emily style presentation.
  Then add sliced Pepperoni on top! I like a lot of pepperoni!!! And then some more cheese please!! 
For Baking instruction look on the outside of your Philsbury pizza dough container then bake and serve!!!    I served them on paper plates because dishes are annoying when your trying to have a slumber party with your sister…

Also I served them with marinara sauce for dipping! Yum yum delicous!

Love You,

Emily A K

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