I am usually inspired by colors and quotes. In this post you will see exactly that! Ha ha!

This is one of those vinyl stickers that you put on walls. This was hanging in my living room till it all rolled off and I still couldn’t agree with it more!  Once again… Coffee reference. I need more coffee. Always more and more coffee. Lets just pretend this is a doughnut for a second… It’s not. It’s a bunt cake. I love bunt cake, but I love doughnuts more. So there. Either way it looks way pretty and delicous. Inspired to… Get more doughnuts.
  Im so vibing on purple lately! I even want to change all of my everything to purple… It’s calming… I’m relaxed almost just looking at it… And picturing all the beautiful things you can do with all kinds of purples… These flowers just look gorgeous to me!! Love you lots!

Emily A K

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