My onions where doing sooo well I thought. I was so happy! Then I took a closer look! 

MUSHROOMS!! My arch nemesis!! They are all over the place in the slates of the pallet garden bed I made!!

Here’s the thing. I hate mushrooms. I really do. You will never catch me cooking them or happy to see them ever. I even shutter at the grocery store when I see them… Or even anything that mentions mushrooms… So here’s my question… Now what?! Are they dangerous mushrooms? Should I remove them? Have they poisoned my onions with their grossness?! Also…. How do I make sure they never ever come back!?

Help Me,

Emily A K

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  1. My knee jerk answer would be ‘Nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure’…. But feel free to put that one as ‘Plan B’ if you wish. B-)

    If they have already set spore you are doomed… DOOMED! But if not then flutter your eyelids at your old fella, I’m sure here that you won’t want to be touching them if possible? And get him to dig them out. and put them in a bag and dump them AWAY from your garden.

    They may well come back, obviously some kind of spore has gotten in. My first question would be “Where did you get the compost?” as they may already have had the spores in it. If not then its come from your garden or at least somewhere local.

    No clue at all what kind they are and because of that I would SERIOUSLY not eat them. Oh… And No… Your onions, while looking very good! are not poisoned… But I would wash them before cooking/eating them though.

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