Meet June 


One of my best friend’s cat had babies!! 

During this fun time of experiencing the miracle of life via text with said friend, tragedy struck when one of the little ones got kicked to the side by mama! Danny and I where very upset and jumped into action! We got our bag full of kitty saving gear including; heating pad, fresh clean towel, my old tooth cleaning siringe and my half gallon of vitamin D milk and then got to her, grabbed her from under the bed and got to work!

We used a wet warm paper towel to start cleaning her and heated up some milk for her to get her first couple gulps in. This pic is taken when she finally starts moving around again and is looking for a nipple to latch onto we think. Look at that widdle face!!! Then, when she was strong enough to we got her back to Mama who excepted her back wonderfully! Here she is with her siblings!! 

Here we are a couple weeks later growing up all perfectly!! Here’s a close up on what June is looking like just a couple weeks after birth!! I’m so excited to see what she ends up looking like and who she is!! Thanks for visiting!

More updates on the way!

Emily A K

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