Bacon Wrapped MeatLoaf


I have never made meat loaf before this night. I’m not even sure why. I always heard about people making it and that it’s good but it just never occurred to me… Till now!!

Preheat the oven!! Butter!!Chop up some onions and garlic. Then get them cooking in the butter for a couple minutes. Your going for lightly browned. Get all of your ingredients into a bowl and gently mush it all together. Be careful not to overwork your meat. I’m not sure why… But just don’t do it. Promise me! Then get them into party form. You can make 6 great sized ones! Then wrap them in bacon… Oh the bacon…Then get all the topping ingredients and mix them in another bowl! I didn’t happen to have regular mustard but I did have ground mustard so that went into the bowl instead. Top the minis with the sauce and smooth out over the tops. Get those babies into the oven! Recipe calls for 1 hour and 15 minutes in there!! I could barely take waiting for them when the house was smelling sooo gooood!! YAAASSS!! I served my meatloaves with peas and my ranch mashed potatoes!! It’s possibly now Danny’s favorite… Here’s the recipe: BaonWrappedMeatLoaves

Enjoy everyone!!


Emily A K

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