Summer Fest 2016

I officially had my second year at Tucker Wildlife Sancturay’s Summer Fest! 

Day one was sooooo hot!! 100 for the high… Oh. My. Goodness. The sun was up and it was working!! Which caused it to be a very very slow day. Not many sales happened for anyone. Sooo I got my face painted and The Boyfriend bought me a new giraffe necklace that I love!! 🙂 Ha Ha!

Day two… I was taken to the ER Sunday morning before the show started so my family set it all up and worked the booth for me! I am sooo thankful they where in town during this time when I was so sick. 

They did such an amazing job setting up and selling their hearts out for my products! My mother and sister in law got flowers and put them all over the table! Such a beautiful idea! Everything looked gorgeous! We had the Apple Pie, Rose Petal, and Lavender Flower Sugar Scrubs for sale as well as the Orange Dreams Salt Scrub. The Lemon Honey Face Scrub. And then my 3 favorite lip balm flavors Caramel Apple Pie, Lavender and Honey and Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon!! It was a very very slow weekend but we all did our best! I already am plotting next years! 

Love Always,

Emily A K 

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