Family Visit!! 


My family lives too far away from me. They live in Tucson Arizona. That’s like 7 hours away… Not cool. But every now and then we find a reason for them to come out to us or us to go to them. This time it was for my second year at Summer Fest in Modjeska Canyon CA! They where all so excited to be a part of the fair and helping me with selling Emily’s Ardor products!

They arrived Thursday… Oh goodness. I was in some of the worst pain in my life. I got my “woman call” and it caused some major issues as in just getting sick from about 6:30 am to about 2:00 pm… It. Was. Bad.  But we had homemade Chicken Pot Pie For dinner that I made the day before luckily and so all was good and relaxed!

Then Friday happened and it happened all over again!! So to Urgent Care I went! Turns out I was severly dehydrated, was carrying too much stress, and my period was just angry… So I got some meds and lots of fluid to drink and by later that night I was feeling some what better. Sadly we had to cancel the dinner we where planning with Danny’s mother because I was in pajamas and on the couch and I was STAYING that way… 😦

Saturday was the first day of Summer Fest and I was doing my best at staying “okay” while also dealing with 100 degree heat… Seemed like my Tucson family brought a crazy heat wave with them! Ha ha ha! Summer Fest was long and very slow going for sales due to the heat but we needed to go play after! We went to one of my favorite spots Cooks Corner in Trabuco Canyon, CA. It’s a very special place to me because it’s where I met the boyfriend and where we also became official! 🙂 Once again though I could barely eat and it was time to go.

Then Sunday came… I awoke 6 am with some horrible pains in my stomach, more vomitting, and just pure exhaustion. So off to the ER I went before the show began!

Sorry for the crazy hair and eyed photo but never trust your boyfriend to take the BEST photo possible of you when your in this state…

So I got the saline for the dehydration, meds for the vomitting, a bunch of blood work and ultrasounds because they thought it was possible one of my ovaries had flipped, (What the..?!) and came to the conclusion that I most likely had a virus which caused the severe dehydration mixed with my period happening all at one time and stress that I just hit a fun mixture of problems… Whoppie for me!

I luckily got home in time to appear for the last 15 minutes of the show. My family did such an amazing job setting up and working the booth for me! Sadly it was a slow day again but the table arrangement they made was amazing!!

Then it was Monday… And before I knew it they where gone 😦

I am so thankful my family was there when I so desperately needed them!! Can’t wait to see them again in November!! Dear Jesus let me not be sick!!

Live Laugh Love,

Emily A K

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