Pizza Bubble Bread

I have been making this since Middle School. I actually learned it from my 7th grade home ec teacher!! 

No one ever said I was a genius in middle school. This is that original recipie!! Please excuse some of my corrections. As in, please do not try to cut each biscuit piece into 12 pieces… Only 4. Ha ha! I greased and sprinkled the corn meal.  I got my Jumbo Biscuts! I didn’t mean to get honey and Buttet but oops. Lay them all out and cut them into 4 pieces. Put them in the sauce! Mix those around in the pizza sauce to coat. Put. On. Tray. Sprinkles with motzerrlla and I cut up some pepperoni to go with. Served with spinach, tomato and feta salad. Danny’s plate looked prettier then mine so his plate got the photo. BTW this recipe made so many without all of the adjustments I made in school. Lordy, I must of been a hungry child! Hope everyone enjoys!! These babies are amazing!!


Emily A K

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