Feeling Inspired ☕️✨🙏🏻


So many things going on. What is inspiring me lately is the color yellow and some wonderful sayings about coffee and naps! If you don’t know this about me already then here you go… I love naps. Love…naps… The yellows of summer are here and I’m seriously enjoying it! Not the heat… Just the flowers. We are all aware of my obsession with coffee. I’m an addict. I’m sorry. I’m disappointed in myself. Well… No I’m not 😉 Having faith… With all the little things and bigger things piling up in my life it’s sometimes difficult to remember just relax and be with God. Having faith to me means knowing that I trust Jesus and I trust that He will keep me safe. Have faith everyone!I am not perfect. I actually enjoy things in life that are not perfect. Unless it’s my coffee table set up or one of my random OCD places… 🙂 Have a wonderful day all!!


Emily A K

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