Jasmine Vine 

I have possibly always enjoyed the smell of Jasmine. It’s partly why I choose to use it as one of the two flavors to start out my lip balms. I have been waiting for awhile now looking for just the best plant to start when I stumbled upon this beauty at the Huntington Beach Farmers Market. Oh the smell of it. The beautiful flower it made on it. I became obsessed. I needed it. It would be mine. Look at that flower!! Now it has been in my garden for over a week and is getting just bigger and bigger!! I’m so excited for it to grow around my swing Danny created for me of our first Christmas. 🙂

This swing 🙂 Hopefully soon I will be getting even more flowers due to how many buds are all over it. Then I can start bottling and creating my own essential oils and be even closer to having everything that goes into my skin care products coming from my own gardens…


This is so exciting for me!!


Emily A K

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