Garden Update 🌾🌸🌱

My gardens have been a little strange lately… Doing only kind of what they are supposed to. Or creating things I’m not really sure what they are… What’s happening?! 

Lilac Bush

The bush is growing! And these little bloom starters have been around for weeks! Then I noticed the bush is getting some darkish brown spots on the leaves and moved it to a more shaded area. I’m not sure what is causing the spots but I’m curious more then ever as to when these babies are going to start flowering!! Plumeria

The Fiancé got some plumeria pieces from his Mama’s house! She sadly had to take down her plant and he grabbed as many pieces as he could! So we let them harden on the ends for 2 weeks and then I shoved them in some dirt! Only 4 inches down though… That’s what Pintrest told me to do. So I had 3 buckets so I started 3 and we gave the rest away to friends and neighbors. So what is this!? ⬆️ 🔼 ⤴️ Do you know?! Because I have no clue! It shot straight out of one of my plumeria buckets in the first week of having it planted! What the?! I’m thinking its some kind of weed but I thought I would put it out there to you guys and gals and see if maybe I should just see what happens…  Lavender Bush

The Lavender bush got a massive trim done to pull out all the brown and sad stems that it was full of. Now it is shorter and happier then ever! Soon more lavender will be growing and I can’t wait!! Jasmine Vine

The post about my Jasmine vine went up just a couple days ago and already this thing has perked up! Already has new flowers opening and starting to push its self up against the swing just like I wanted!! It’s even gotten at least 5 inches taller since when we bought it!! I’m truly amazed at how well this plant is doing! Milkweed

These started from tiny seeds from fiancé’s Mama. She had them in these cute little brown baskets and she had to go out of town. So to my house they came!! It was a process but eventually I got to keep them. They got sad and turned a red purple color and where not doing well. Even being eaten by little tiny nats that hatched near by. Oh goodness the trouble this milkweed has caused me. But now… It’s bigger and stronger. Hope you enjoyed the photo tour of parts of my garden!!


Emily A K

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