Happy Little Boy

Sue is such a happy kitty. He has perma smile and has so much fun during the day randomly napping where ever he happens to land and playing with anything he can reach! 

Here he is ready for more belly rubs. He is an instant purrer. If you even mention to him a belly rub he starts purring. Ha ha! As I have mentioned before, Darla is not the nicest kitty in the world. That’s why I was worried at first how she would handle Sue. They warmed up to eachother so much faster then I thought! Darla has officially adopted Sue as her own and we now call her Mama. At any given moment it can become play time with these two. Running all over the house up onto tables and beds. At all hours of the day and night… Ha! Also… The cutest part is watching them clean eachother. I have only been able to get one photo so far…Sue and Loretta are finally learning how to play with eachother!! Sue also eats out of any food bowl he finds. Dog, cat or human. So that is a little rough with a very crazy little Loretta. LOL. But they are getting closer and closer. Loretta still chases him all around the house and then they both pass out on me on the couch. But most recently they have been rolling all over eachother and playing all over the house! It’s been too cute and I have only done a couple snapchats of its sadly. Does anyone know what it is about cats and laundry? Any kind of clothing really. Clean, dirty, folded, laying on the floor? I found him and Darla curled up in a pair of Danny’s jeans ever the other day!! Silly kitties. So Sue is a snuggler. A little love bug. And possibly the sweetest little ball of kitten joy! Check back for more updates on what other chaos I bring into the house! 😛

Emily A K

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