Inspiring… 💐💍👰🏻❤️

Well if you haven’t seen from my posts I am happily engaged!! Finally!! I can’t believe it!! I love him. He loves me. Now I finally get to plan a wedding! MY wedding! So what’s been inspiring me to work, get up, and or do anything lately…? Well it’s a couple things. 

“I can do this.” I have always been a worrier. If you don’t know this about me I’m probably worried about you and you have no clue yet. Be aware. I’m worried. Ha ha! So just reminding myself that I can do this! I can keep going and not hold onto everyone’s troubles in the world. I can do this. Oh goodness. Lately all of the talking I have been doing is wedding planning. I have honestly loved talking about weddings my whole life. Things I love, want, hate, shudder to think about, and everything in between! This is a visual of what I imagine a perfect ceremony would look like, and the venue I found… Wow. It comes very close to a different kind of perfect. 🙂 Whimsical and rustic are my planning words. Constantly people are asking what the wedding will be like and all kinds of things. I want it to look like a fairy tale. In the forest. With a barn kinda deal… Like if Snow White was based in cattle country in Oklahoma… Hmm. I’ll make it work! I’m usually cooking every night for dinner. But as of lately I have been slacking off. I claim summer time. It’s too hot for life. Yes, I have AC. Yes, it cools down the whole house to my favorite freezing temputures. Yes, I work from home and I’m basically in the AC all day. But I know that it’s hot outside. I’m aware of the heat trying to get in thru any crack it can! I’m aware… And that’s enough. Always remember my friends,

Live. Laugh. Love.

Emily A K


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