Whole Crockpot Chicken 

I love being able to cook a big dinner every now and again. Test out a recipe on some friends or family. Ask them what they think… Oh they loved this one! It’s a whole chicken in a crock pot!! 

First you cut up 5 celery stalks, peel and cut 5 large carrots and then 1 medium to large white onion. Throw them into the crock pot at the bottom. Then I got all of my dry rub seasonings ready to go in a separate bowl. Salt, thyme, garlic powder, Rosemary, paprika, black pepper and then a couple pinches of Cheyenne pepper! Stir them in the bowl until all fully combined. Oh hello chicken… Take out all the insides of your chicken and give it a good rinse. Then pat dry with paper towels and make sure that get the inside as well. I smashed up 2 full garlic cloves and quarter up 1 semi large lemon and then shoved them on in. I used a tooth pick to close the whole nicely since I wasn’t sure exactly what else to do. Time to cover this little lady in the dry rub! I used a spoon to sprinkle it all on top and in corners and then used my hands to just mush it all in and on there. Oh you are gonna be gorgeous!! Then you just take the whole chicken and put it on top of all the veggies in the crock pot. I got a 1lb chicken for a small dinner and it cooked wonderfully on high for 4 hours. Then when the 4 hours is done stick it in the oven on broiler for 5 minutes. Then out of the oven and it needs to sit and rest for 10 minutes. Oh good golly was this baby delicous!! Make sure you check the chicken before serving that the insides are fully done with a thermometer. It should read 160 degrees on all the good meaty parts. 🙂 So that’s how you make it! Slow cooker chicken that is super easy I might be just doing this all of the time!!

Live. Laugh. Love.

Emily A K

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