Peach Tree 

I’m starting a Peach Tree!!

Here’s why this is exciting for me… I loooove peaches! I think about them very often. I even wish peaches where available more often to me!! So I decided to start my own tree from a seed. (The more peaches you eat the more seeds you get!) First eat a peach and keep the seed pod! Then get a small hammer and smash the pod as gently as smashing can be! You DO NOT want to break the kernel inside. Remember that while in smashing mode. Ta da! You have a peach kernel! Get a sandwich size ziploc bag and stuff it with moist soil. Shove the kernel in there so it’s nice and covered. Then get it in the fridge and let it hang in there for like 3 months!! You’ll begin to see little root babies springing off of the kernel! I am not at that point in the process yet so I’ll keep everyone updated as the process goes!

Who’s down to try this with me?! All of these EASY steps are quick and it becomes a leave it for 3 months gardening trick! Which I love….

Can’t wait to hear what you think or if you have tried this and what results you got!!

Live laugh learn

Emily A K


      1. I must admit that I have never done the fridge route. When I germinate seeds I usually just keep them in most kitchen paper….
        Although I guess the frosting it to force it to go through a “winter” period.

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