Motivation Quotes! 

Lately motivation has been… Well let’s just say rough. I find myself tired. Unable to relax. More and more looking to Jesus to give me what’s next. But I’m exhausted. So I have been looking at quotes… Poems… Verses from things that just give me a little bit of perspective on what’s real. 

This is a letter I found somewhere from someone to someone else… It amazed me. This one is here because I keep forgetting… I am who I am. There is no one else I can be. I tried to be other people… I’m pretty sure we all have a mask we used that wasn’t truly us… Then you find out the people you are mimicking… The people you are inspiring to be and working so hard to convince yourself you can be that! -They suck. So my message to you, the words of wisdom I have for you… I’m not able to do everything everyday. I can claim all kinds of things like not enough time, I’m tired, I have othe things that need to be done… Well don’t we all?! And sometimes… Is it not just nice to say “Nope. Not today!” Someone once gave me this story. It was awhile ago and it magically resurfaced into my life. This goes into a lot of things. What we feed ourselves. From what we watch in YouTube and input into our minds, what we eat as fuel for our bodies… It all matters. Constantly we are force fed through main stream media. Believe this! Talk about this! Look what’s happening there! All the way too- Eat this! And wear this! Buy that! Sit here!

It amazes me what we sometimes fill ourselves with. Anger and hurt are all around us. When will just start filling ourselves with love? After that though… I ask for just a good heart. A loving heart. So I ask God… 

So I’m aware this was a ramble session, but thank you for coming along with me on it.

Living. Loving. Learning.

Emily A K

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