Avocado Tree Starter 

I’m apologizing in advance…

While I was doing this project I was not cutting 4 avocados all at once. These where separate occasions, so, I forgot to take the photos… So I’ll explain in as much detail as possible…

Cut an avocado in half. Take out the pit. Wash it off. Take 4 tooth picks and gently push them into the seed. Not far at all into the seed. Then grab some shot glasses…( I no longer drink. Sober now 2 years. So I have shot glasses just laying around. I don’t know what to do with them other then use them for storage :))

Fill the shot glasses with water do this part over the sink… And plop the seed in with the little knock circle into the water. This side into the water. I used one to show you that it opens up! Been in water for just about 2 weeks now! This side though I’m not exactly sure what’s happening. But I’ll give you updates… Don’t worry 🙂 Avocado shot anyone?! Hope you enjoyed my soon to be trees!! Look for updates and quick snaps from the gardens on Instagram @emilysardor  and newly SnapChat @emmersk234

Woot woo!! Can’t wait to see what happens!!

Love. Laugh. Learn.

Emily A K


  1. The roots will come out of that crack. Just leave it in the water and it will be fine.
    BTW, for full disclosure, I have never had an avocado seed germinate yet!

    Oh and congrats on the 2 years. B-)

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