When Sue Sleeps 

If your not aware, we are big fans of naps in this house. Loretta sleeps funny, Darla is usually in what I call “chicken position” napping, and now there’s Sue. Sue finds some fun spots to take his cat naps in and I thought I would share some with you. 

In this one, yes he is on the bed but look at his weirdo spread out! I don’t know why this makes me burst into giggles! The kitchen table. His and Darla’s food bowls are up on the table so Loretta doesn’t eat it. This I have noticed has caused Sue to eat and sleep in his same area. Once I even caught him passed out on the table with his head still in the bowl… Boys… Ha ha ha! This chair pic cracks me up. So I just thought I would share it! The bathroom rug. Oh golly… So Darla has always been a bathroom cat. She loves having the tub turned onto a drip so she can take her bath and get her big chugs of water. Darla showed Loretta that the bathroom is cool so by the time Sue came around the bathroom was already crowded and now Sue is just apart of the fun. When bathroom fun is over this is usually where you will find him. Taking his nap on the rug next to the tub. This day I happened to also notice that he tore a HUGE hole in the shower curtain liner… Good golly Sue. This one was a “Mommy was too loud while I WAS sleeping” pic! That is one of my craft baskets that I have on the top shelf of all of my “work to do” shelves in the kitchen area. He also loves snuggling with either Danny or I… He is such a lover. He is so super sweet. Yay!! I’m so thankful!

Love. Laugh. Living.

Emily A K

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