Being on bed rest😷🤒

Being sick is not always fun. It really isn’t. Yes I enjoy laying around and staying in pajamas but so far it’s been almost 3 weeks of this… It’s no longer fun… 

That means I haven’t been able to do a whole lot. Cooking… crafts… creating products… anything really. Nothing. So I have been stuck. Not knowing what to post…

Sadly because of the no cooking means no new recipes to share… Unless you are curious on my canned soup choices which I’m sure your not so I’ll spare you. Then there’s the no crafting or creating products which puts me in another lull. A sad and BORING lull. I hate lulls… I hate being bored. I work really hard at keeping my body and mind active and not being able to do anything but watch old episodes of The Gilmore Girls has been NOT exciting. But they are keeping me company none the less and I’m getting prepped for next month when Netflix releases the new episodes 🙂

So, on top of having a bacteria infection of some sort, allergies to the antibiotics, then needing new antibiotics, crazy weather changes which caused a cold to appear on top of the bacteria I have been just a big pile of BLAH! Luckily I’m on the mend. It’s a slow mend… but I’m mending.

Once again… sick 😷 and I’m sorry for the lame post about it. But I wanted to keep you updated on what’s happening and why I have nothing to post about… 😢

I’m Sorry all!!

Living. Sleeping. Healing.

Emily A K

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