Best Friends 

Yay!!! Loretta and Sue are officially best friends! They are basically always around each other playing, cuddling, cleaning or just fighting for attention. It’s adorable. 

It hasn’t been much of a process but Loretta has got a little attitude on her. Luckily Sue just takes it. They beat each other up and when one gets too rough either The Fiancée or I and as well Darla get involved and separate. Luckily Loretta is a small dog so I can just pick her up and say “No More!” Ha ha ha! They basically lightly grip onto eachothers necks and just roll around…. These are action shots. Loretta loves to clean Sue. Sue loves to clean Loretta. It just way to sweet for me to handle usually…  In this photo Loretta was cleaning Sue when he noticed I got out my phone to take a photo. He always thinks it’s time to play when the camera is out! Hense why I’m getting the “I’m about to pounce you” face! Sometimes they just need to lay near eachother. And me. They get very cuddly and comfy and make it very difficult for me to get up. I don’t fight it very often. I love these little crazy cuddlies!! 

Love Y’all!

Emily A K

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