Mississippi Roast

You may not be aware of my love for a good roast and by golly this recipe should prove it!! Mississippi Roast!! Rated Bomb diggity… No doubt. Don’t even need much which is also why I love it! Cheap and easy!! 

You need: Chuck Roast, 6 tbsp of butter, pepperchinis, brown gravy packet, ranch packet, and I added some carrots and potatoes! First 1/4 cup water in the crock pot,Put in the meat,Ranch packet on top of the meat,Brown gravy packet on top of the ranch seasoning on top of the meat, 1 big chunk of 6 tbsp of butter,5-6 Pepperchinis and set it for low and slow for 8 hours. I didn’t remember to take a photo but about 3 hours before all done I threw in some halved baby carrots and a good amount of potato chucks. (Not sure how much but you can judge for yourself how much potato love you are in need of.)Basically amazing!! Had a great amount of leftovers too that carried us over all week for simple lunches and quick reheat dinners! It’s for sure a must try!

Learn. Live. Eat.

Emily A K (Soon to be G!! 😍💍❤️)

Mississippi Roast

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