DIY Crayon Art ❤️💛💚💙💜

I found this fun and easy craft/ project!! All you need is a canvas, box of crayons, a hair dryer and a glue gun! 

I don’t have photos of the steps I took, but I do have a funny video I had posted of the beautiful mess I created. (AKA: Art…)

First, I took off all the paper from the crayons… this is actually not a recommended way to do it. Apparently the glue holds the crayon better it place with the paper. Oops.

Then, I did a pretty little line of hot glue on each crayon and lined them up on the top of the canvas in a rainbow fashion. I then let that dry and covered a spot on the canvas for where I was going to write something meaningful and artistic with some painters tape. Be aware the tape will flop a little if you don’t have it on there perfectly when the hair dryer hits it.

All you have to do next is design your melting crayon. Whichever direction and even blending! Send pics of what you create! Love. Learn. Craft.

Emily A K

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