San Fran/ Fremont Peak State Park

We took a very long trip out to San Francisco and down to Fremont Peak State Park for a fun/work/engagement trip! In San Fran we both took sometime to work work work and then made our way down to Fremont Peak State Park for our camping engagement photo shoot session!! The 8 hour car ride was a little rough on Loretta Lynn but she handled it the best way she knew how and that was passing out wherever she found comfortable. I even caught her on top of all of the luggage in the back window of the Subaru! Such a cutie. 💜🐶Sadly our country girl is for sure a country girl. All of the noises in San Francisco make her nervous and being in a downtown apartment with the windows open made her very nervous that the very loud noises where too close. This caused very restless sleep in the night due to her waking up from people walking by and her needing to growl and bark them away. ☹️ My poor baby. But since she was so nervous she got lots of extra cuddles and extra treats because I’m “too soft”. 😂 We got to go to some super interesting coffee shops in the city and I honestly had no idea about all of the blends and things. Even the different crazy milks! Ha ha! One guy even laughed at me when he asked my order I just said “Medium coffee please,” and he then asked me “From where?” I’m guessing the look on my face was of pure confusion because he just started laughing… I explained “From here please…” then he just continued to laugh… overall great coffee though! I think it was Ethiopian… Getting to wander around the city though with a good friend as your guide was a bunch of fun! He showed us basically the whole city and all of the fun, strange, scary and just plain beautiful things this just one city has to offer! So let’s just start with some beautiful views. And honestly, I have no idea where half of these were takin since I was on my phone taking the pictures and not paying attention to what our friend was saying…(Sorry Lenard if your reading this 😂)

The next two pics are from the top of Twin Peaks. Don’t remember the history lesson I got but beautiful none the less! Not sure where this is but he stopped the car and told me to take a photo so I did! Ta da!Another fun part was getting to walk around the bay with Loretta Lynn. She hada good time with that and only tried to run away from me once when she noticed a flock of pigeons… 🐦🚫❌🐶Now for Fremont Peak! This place was beautiful!! I feel so blessed that I accidentally picked this Park instead of the originally planned Big Sur! Like, I thought I was going to Big Sur even after I booked the campgrounds and didn’t know any different till the day before we left for the trip! Oh my goodness… luckily once again my human oops turned out well and the place was a true blessing! 🙏 This is the view from our campsite! It even looks like the trees made a whole so you had a perfect viewing of the ocean, fog and night stars! ✨💫We actually even took our engagement photos here!! Like right here! At dusk/sunset! I cannot wait to be getting  thoughts back hopefully ASAP!! Ha ha ha! The view from outside our tent door!! I just can’t even… I can’t wait to talk to you gals and guys about the engagement session and show photos! Our photographer and her partner are the sweetest and most playful photographers I have ever met! I really believe they captured The Fiancée and I in our natural love Bubble! Hope you enjoyed the photos of my time away!! Let me know what you think of these places and if you have ever been!! I’m already planning my next trip back!!

Living. Laughing. Learning.

Emily A K

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