Back In November…🎄☃️🌵🦂

I thought I would share with you my little family took sometime to go see my side of the family over Thanksgiving. It was a combo holiday and with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mama’s Birthday!

My Mama’s home was in full Christmas spirit which I have grown to love and look forward to every year! Kitchen towels, toilet lid covers, coffee table runner, candle holders and of course the tree! Everything everywhere is Christmas! For privacy reasons I’m just posting a pic of the tree! 😉 img_8411My Mama had to work getting ready for Black Friday on Thanksgiving so she left my younger sister and I to take care of the turkey. You would think since I do recipes on here all of the time I would of done just fine… there was some confusion with the pan… a Tupperware cover I thought was a liner and an oops after 10 minutes in the oven… I was so proud for 10 minutes… img_8409img_8410Luckily it all peeled off nicely after the 10 minute shocker and I thru in some more butter and off we went again! 

Turned out amazing! Actually spaced on taking more photos of the process because my family is distracting and it all turned out great! 

Okay so this is just a silly photo! My Mamas butter dish was incredibly full and after dinner while the oven was still hot she out the dish on top of it! Melted all of the butter and made this cow (to me) look like it’s going 💩!! I was dying!! 😂😂 So I thought I would share! img_8414The car ride home was an adventure in itself just because we decided to skip some freeway traffic and stop in the Mountains! There was legit 16 accidents!! We saw on the mountain that it was snowing and we both got so so so excited!! Here’s a photo of Loretta even being excited to go see her first snow! img_8426“The mountains are calling and I must go!” -Idyllwild California img_8430img_8435We stopped at our favorite coffee shop and got to play in the snow 🙂 ❄️☃️ Loretta sadly didn’t stick around for photos. Her feet where cold and she was not cool with it! Ha ha!img_8444img_8447All in all a very fun trip! 

And again Happy Holidays!! 🎁🎅❤️🎄

Traveling. Loving. Living. 

Emily A K 

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