Locally sold! 

Remember the PS I left a couple posts ago about how I’m officially in a store in Foothill Ranch CA? The coffee shop!? Well guess what you guys and gals… I am in a store still!! 

And I sold out in just a few days!! 

And NOW I’m officially back in stock! I’m so excited everyone! 

This was a big job for me and getting just the confidence to sell myself so hard that they wanted to sell me(!!) oh my goodness. I can’t explain how happy I am. How proud of myself I am. Those who have been here with me know how much love and myself I have put into this business… and finally it’s working out!! 

I have I told you… I. Am. So. Fricken. Happy. 😄
#SoldOut and NOW #BackInStock #MiniBaskets @bellariacoffee !!! I’m so happy you guys…☺️ #EtsyShop #EtsyOwner #BellariaCoffeeHouse #GiftBaskets #AllNaturalSkinCare #LipBalms #EmilysArdor #EtsyHoliday #HolidayGifts #HolidaySets

Loving. Thanking. Creating. 

Emily A K 

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