How’s My Garden 

I’m so happy to announce that during this crazy season of shopping, creating and traveling that most of my gardens have survived!! These cold high winds have been difficult and the 2 full days of rain and then none is just messing with my cycles… 

Luckily the Milkweed has been doing great! New flowers and one big seed pod that is ready to pop! The even babier babies are surviving well too! More good news all 4 of my rose bushes have sprung back to life and are getting very leafy again and shooting out tons of new growth! I was actually starting to worry a little while back that I killed them on accident but nope! 😉 

Hybrid TeasDolly Patton Red And California Dreamin’ The Jasmine vine has been going bonkers!! It’s been going all around the two side beams. The Plumeria stems I got are all kinda stunted. Either they have leaves and that’s all or nothing yet. But we are getting greener!!!! My tomato plant has been having some major issues and is finally starting to perk back up a little! This is super exciting news for me!!!  Sadly though the lavender did not survive… too much water and it got some major root rot. It’s saddening for me as it was a present for my business… luckily Christmas is coming… ha ha!! That’s it on updates for the garden! 
Business has been busy with this holiday season and I have been having a fun time keeping up with orders!! 

More coming in so I gotta go!

Wish me luck!

Creating. Laughing. Not stressing. 

Emily A K 


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