It’s My Birthday!!

I love my birthday. I love winter. I love the holidays. I love presents. 

If you aren’t aware I take my birthday with me all month long. January belongs to me. 

I do share fairly well with the other January babies out there but I always encourage people to take a whole month for their birthdays. Why? Because it’s yours!! Claim it!! People will yes try to argue with you about it saying you can’t take a whole month for yourself… but… Fuck. Them. 🙂 It’s my birthday month and I’ll celebrate as long as I want to! 

I’m going to be working, playing, running around like a mad woman and doing a mad rush of wedding planning and honeymoon planning since we moved the dates to sooo much sooner!! 

We went from a big big wedding to a small tiny wedding with just close family! I’m so excited! I’m keeping the big dress and going small everywhere else… well except the BBQ and desserts! 😋

Can’t wait to give more updates as they come! 

Celebrating. Loving. Living. 

Emily A K

(Oh and p.s… we got our engagement photos in! Here’s a sneak peek 😉)

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