Life in my Canyon

It’s been raining! I love this time of year! But lately… it’s raining a lot. Last year they claimed flood warnings in my area and I thought “Pssh. No biggie.” This year I’m more like, “But my gardens. Do we have enough food stock? Am I being paranoid a tad? Oh shit is the RV in the yard really sinking?!” Yeah… rain….

This photo is about when I started to worry… I also then realized where is Loretta gonna go to go potty?! She hates the water and the rain. We have to carry her to dry ground… I’m not kidding. This photo is from a couple days ago and is still relevant!   If you are not aware my laundry is outside… in a little shack that’s like attached to the house with the entrance outside… So when Sue decided to throw up on the bed this morning… laundry has been complicated to say the least. 😂🌧So you can see… I love my birthday presents from The Fiancé!! Waterproof jacket and super cute rain boots! You can tell they have come in handy! You may of thought I was kidding about the RV possibly sinking… I’m not. Just another photo of the yard from the other direction. More rain forecasted!! Wish me luck!

Living. Loving. Sinking. (Just a little bit 😉)

Emily A K

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